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About The Green Book Of Songs By Subject

The® Database is the world leader in classifying songs by more than 2,200 themes, concepts or topics.
Typical search engines can find a song or group of songs by a particular keyword. What makes the® Database special is that it instantly provides song lists based on what the songs are actually about -- marriage and divorce, motivation, sex, love, war -- you name it. You'll see many popular songs listed where the subject is not part of the title or even stated openly in the lyrics.
How do we do it? For 30 years, every song in the® Database has been listened to and classified according to one or more topics discussed in the song, often with the help of numerous top music industry professionals and the artists themselves. As we add new categories, we revisit the entire Database to see which songs can be added from those we've already analyzed.
The® Database features not only top hits and key album tracks from the past 100 years, it also covers all genres and styles of music and includes commercial jingles, TV themes, college fight songs, novelty records, traditional folk songs and much more.
Each song listing includes the name of one or more artists who recorded it (usually the original artist and the most popular renditions), the album titles and the related record labels for those recordings.
Over 10,000 artists are featured, and nearly 2,000 labels are included -- from major companies to tiny imprints and even download-only recordings. Selections are made on the basis of popularity, production value, artist recognition, unique character and balance within each category. Our main purpose is to give you the widest selection of music that is currently available, though if the only recording that exists is out of print, we'll include it.
For more details about how songs are selected, how to suggest songs, and related information, please visit the FAQs section of this website. You can also email us anytime; we'd be happy to hear from you.